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Kinetic Creations offers several methods of adding logos to your garments.

Heat-Pressed Plastisol
Cut Vynyl - Solid Colours - Heat Pressed
Digital Print on Cut Vynyl - Heat Pressed
Screen Printing

Each has its advantages - depending on your needs.


Heat Pressed Plastisol.
This is our prefered method of applying logos.
Your logos are printed onto paper sheets - about A3 in size
Actual sizes are std (24x28cm)- Maxi (28x31cm)  and Mega (32x36cm).
We create a layout of all your logos in the various sizes and have them printed using a mechanised screen-printing method.
We recomend a minimum of 100 sheets to get the best price per sheet. Cost is based on the number of sheets and number of colours printed.
For a single colour pocket size logo the price is about 30-40 cents and a large jacket back cost is about $2-$3
A single sheet usually has about 5 - 15 logos - depending on sizes.

This is the most economical way of adding logos to a garment.
We charge $2 per logo to apply the first logo and $1 for each extra logo. ( as at Sept 2012)

The actual sheets of logos are purchased by the studio and held in stock by us.
Thus Kinetic Creations will have the logos printed and charge the studio with the printing cost of the logo sheets.
These are the property of the studio.
Our invoiced price for a logoed garment will include the cost of the garment and the application fee but NOT the cost of the actual logo.
For example . .
A jacket with 2 prints - pocket logo on front and big logo on the back.
Garment cost  . . say . . $60
Apply 2 logos ( $2 + $1 ) is $3
Your invoiced price is $63
Your total cost is $63 plus the actual cost of your logos . . say $3 . .so total is $66
When pricing your garments for sale at the studio cosider the total landed cost . .  $66 plus any freight.

For current pricing on bulk logos please call 02 4393 9222

The quality of these plastisol logos is better than screen printing and more economical. There is no set-up cost when processing an order.
To print a garment we only need to turn on the press - cut a logo from the sheet - place it on the garment and press it on.
Unlike screen printing, there is no clean-up required, apart from putting the scrap paper in the bin.
Also, as we do the printing in-house, garment pieces can be printed before they are sewn. This is essential for items like crop tops which are almost impossible to print after they are made.


Vynyl - cut solid colours - Heat Pressed
Polyurethane Vynyl is a convenient way of creating small quantity logos or name tags. We can cut simple logos and names in a variety of colours.
These are ideal for adding individual names to garments, or doing one off logos or embellishments.
Cost per logo is dependant on size and complexity. A simple pocket logo is about $4 and large (25-30cm wide ) logos may be $8-$15.
There may also be art charges for digitising the logo or image into a cutting format. After cutting the logos on a digital cutting machine, they must be weeded by hand to remove the unwanted vynyl. With complex logos this can be a laborious process.

When used appropriately they can produce excellent results. We often use decorative vynyls to produce stunning embellisments on costumes.
For large quantity production runs - this method is not economicalas the labour involved does not greatly reduce with increased quantities.
Once a logo has been cut and weeded, there is still an application fee for applying it to a garment.


Digital Print and Cut Vynyl - Heat Pressed
This is very similar to the vynyl cut logos. The material is almost the same, but the logos are first printed with an inkjet printer that uses special ink that adheres to the vynyl.
the logo image is then cut around the outside border.
Since there is less manual labour involved in producing the logos there is a reduction in price with increasing quantity.
However there are art charges to setup the print-run and cost of materials.
In general the cost is about 20% more than cut vynyl but also minimum quanties of about 20 pieces.
Application to garments is the same as cut vynyl.

One big advantage is the logo can be printed to photographic quality. Essentially, whatever you can print on an inkjet, can be printed on the logo.
Currently we out-source the printing of digital logos, so only do them in batches.


Screen Printing
Not much has changed with traditional screen printing.
It is however a very economical way of doing bactch runs where a larger number  pieces is getting printed with the same logo.
Since there is considerable setting up of screens and carousels to handle a run of prints, it is very costly for small quantities.
Screen printing is also great for doing large logos, as the size has little to do with the total cost.
Because of the variety of logos that get printed on the many garments tha make up studio uniforms, we find heat press logos to be more efficient and economical.
The service is still available and we are happy to use it when appropriate.


Like screen printing, embroidery has remained much the same as always. The machinery is improving, getting faster with better quality.
It does require the digitising of a logo to create the stitching patterns. This is usually between $50 and $100 depending on complexity.
The cost of a pocket sized logo is about $3 - $6. Embroidery is costed by the number of stitchs sewn. So large jacket back logos can easily get to $20 or more.
Since industrial embroiders use multihead machines - there is usually a minimum quantity and there is also the delivery costs in sending garments out and getting them back.
So while embroidery looks great ( when well done ) and lasts for the life of the garment, it can be quite expensive.


This page is still being developed - stay tuned  . .

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