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Frequently Asked Questions and Other Important Information

How you place orders -
How we process orders.

This is a general policy to help us serve you better.
Please take a few minutes to read the information below -
it will make the ordering process so much easier.

Please note -


CALL US 02 4393 9222

Kinetic Creations is primarily a manufacturer and distributor.
We design our garments in-house and manufacture them in our production facility at Charmhaven on the Central Coast of NSW.

We also supply imported garments, most of which have been designed by Kinetic.

Garments fall into several categories . .

1 - Kinetic garments ready to ship. These are made in-house and kept in stock for quick shipping. Shiping is around 2-10 days depending on the order.

2 - Kinetic garments made to order ( M t O ). These may have limited stock but usually take 4-8 weeks depending on the production cycle.

3 - non Kinetic stock - local supply. These are garments that we can order from our local suppliers, who keep stock. Shipping is around 10-20 days.

4 - Imported stock. Imported stock is landed in batches and becomes ready to ship - with 4 - 10 day turn-around. We do not offer the stock for sale until it is landed, although pre-orders are accepted.

     It is limited to the quantity on hand and can not be readily topped up once stock levels fall. Supply is subject to overseas production cycles.

MtO orders are placed in a queue ( our production pipeline ) after they are accepted and may take about 4 to 8 weeks to be manufactured.
Orders for in-stock items are shipped as quickly as they can be picked and packed.

The timeframe for manufacture is affected by the availability of fabric, logos, complexity of order and how many other orders are already in the queue.

Our yearly production cycle is  . . .

January to June  - mainly studio uniforms with some costumes - usually eisteddfod troupes.
May to July - mainly final sampling for the costume season.
August to November is costumes . .  costumes . . costumes . .  and more costumes . . .
November and December is bulk cutting of early uniform orders – for despatch in second half of January in time for back to dance registrations.

How to order.
We prefer orders to come in by email. Please send to
Costume orders are best done via the website, as this creates a trackable order history.
Website orders create an email that goes directly to the sales team for processing.
It also ensures that correct stock codes are passed to the sales team.

Phone orders must be followed up with a written version or reply to our sales order.
Snail-mail letters can be easily misplaced or find there way into a bin. they now take 4-10 days to reach us after you post them.

We no longer use a fax - compliments of NBN "upgrade" . . . .

If you send an order and do not receive a sales order within 2 days please call and confirm that your order was received and processed.
We often find email orders in the junkmail folder.

For manually created orders, the information should include your studio details and a list of items.
The items should have the  . . Stock code and name - then the sizes and quantity.
We supply pre-printed order forms for studiowear and are working on full online ordering through our website.

Can I get a Sample?
Samples can be supplied. We can charge your Credit Card for the value of the samples, plus postage.
When samples are returned - the value of the costume will be refunded - less postage.
Samples must be returned in good condition.
Damaged samples will be deemed as sold and no refund applied.
For more information please contact our production department - 02 4393 9222

Sizing samples  ( Leotards ) are available at $72 pr set- generic garments - can be supplied as a pack in a variety of sizes - please call for details.

How do I pay?
Our prefered method is direct deposit - via online banking - please send remittance via email. Please include a reference to identify yourself. Studio name / invoice or sales order number.
Always include the sales order number or invoice number. Generic descriptions like "Costumes" can lead to wrong allocation of payment and delays in shipping.
At peak times during costume season we can be processing many dozens of payments each day. Many with similar amounts.

Direct deposit to our account at a bank. Over the counter deposit.
You MUST send notification of your deposit as we do not get payment details from the bank, just an amount appearing as a deposit.
If possible add the invoice or sales order number as an identity code when doing the deposit.

We can do credit card payments by phone or at pickup.
Credit card payments are accepted for VISA and MASTERCARD only. We no longer use EFTPOS so savings cards can not be used.

Cheques - yes they still exist - and we still take them but please allow 5 days for clearance.
Cash is always accepted.

Payment terms and despatch
We do not offer credit.
As a rule - orders do not get scheduled for production before a deposit is received.
Custom garments and costumes require a 40% deposit  ( rounded to $10). We will accept multiple payments and part deposits - please discuss with our accounts department.
Invoice(s) will be issued when goods are nearly ready for despatch. Goods are released for despatched when payment is received.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
For concert specific costumes we may schedule to a delivery date which may be longer than the 6 weeks.
Actual delivery time may vary based on production levels and fabric availability.

Very urgent orders may incur a surcharge - please discuss with our production department.

Despatch for small parcels is usually by TOLL satchel.
Larger cartons go by courier. Cost will vary according to weight and location.
Pickup from our factory is OK. Please make an appointment.
Payment for goods can be made at time of pickup using cash or EFPTPOS.
( cheques are not accepted for pickups without prior arrangement)
We often deliver to our local area - Newcastle to Sydney - standard courier charge may apply.
Urgent overnite deliveries will be costed seperately.

Regarding acceptance of Orders and Display of Product

We reserve the right to withdraw any product from sale without notice, for any reason.
However for various reasons, that product might still appear on our website for a period of time after that withdrawal.
We make no undertaking that a product shown on this website will be available.

We will endevour to ensure that information provided through this website is accurate and current.

However we cannot, and do not, represent or warrent the accuracy, adequacy, completeness of information on this website or that it is up to date.

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